If, When You Die, You Go Back to a State of Nothingness (No Memories/Consciousness)… ?

“If, When You Die, You Go Back to a State of Nothingness (no memories/consciousness), what’s the point of doing anything in life?”

As a student of metaphysics and a clinically-trained Hypnotherapist, my answer to that question is as follows…

“Who says we came from nothingness and return to nothingness? We are more than a physical shell walking around this planet. That shell houses energy and energy never dies, it only changes form. Others besides Einstein know this. We simply transform or phase into a different dimension when we stop experiencing physicality due to irreparable illness, disease, or the heart simply gives out. When it is our time to go – we go. We pass on.

The real you… that which experiences non-physical sensations like emotions and expresses personality, is timeless. It (you) came into this dense, 3D realm to experience this life and interact with others. We were ALL born with spiritual amnesia, so it is no wonder we don’t remember anything. This is a school of learning – a test. So what is the point?

We are here to learn to experience and give back unconditional love and to become more accepting of others. We are here to learn patience and compassion and to express gratitude for what we have. We are here to learn to live peaceably among others who are here for the same purpose as you. Can you express compassion, acceptance and appreciation for all life? How are you doing with your lessons? Earth is a tough school.

Whether you use the term God, Prime-Creator or Source, that supreme energy or consciousness is what balances all life on all planes of existence. Everyone is accountable and every action has consequences. Nothing is lost or goes unnoticed. We live ultimately in a balanced and logical multi-verse. When an action “seems” to go unaccounted for, rest assured there will be a reckoning for the offender in this life or the next.

God-Prime Creator-Source has enabled us to experience a truly “hands off” free-will existence where anything seems to go. This is part of the test. What would you do if you “thought” no one was looking, and you could get away with anything? Many seem to believe this is true, but it is not. Accountability and reckoning will always play out at some point in time. What goes around, comes around… eventually if not immediately.”

As William Shakespeare once said, “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts.”

Keep living, growing, expressing and loving! School is not out yet. When it is, what will others say about your completed mission here?

Steven Graham, C.Ht is a certified, clinical hypnotherapist with a private practice serving clients internationally by making a customized, audio-recorded session delivered by email. His formal training was in residency at the “Hypnosis Motivation Institute” in Tarzana, CA where he graduated with Honors.

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